For garage floor coatings, epoxy is an excellent choice for a number of reasons. When the job is professionally done, the results speak for themselves. With epoxy, the floor is durable, shiny, and gorgeous, and your garage is completely transformed; in fact, it becomes an additional living, working space your whole family can enjoy for projects, or just as a quiet space to get away!

Why Epoxy?

This resin is regarded as a premier garage floor coating because it’s both tough and beautiful. At Floor Coatings USA, we can’t think of a better way to turn an ugly, plain garage into a beautiful space than by coating the floor with an epoxy-type product, such as what we use. These professional-grade coatings have been used for decades to seal concrete floors in both industrial and commercial buildings, and now the residential sector is catching on and taking advantage of the benefits of epoxy-coated floors.

It’s Durable

One of the most attractive benefits is its durability. When the concrete floor in your garage is sealed with a coating, it’s protected from any salts or chemicals that would otherwise wear it down, and it’s protected from chipping when heavy objects fall. In a residential garage, an epoxy-coated floor can last more than ten years before needing a new application. Because it effectively resists chemicals and is also abrasion-resistant, epoxy is an excellent choice for durability.

It Can Be Professionally Applied For A Smooth Finish

If you’ve ever seen a garage floor that’s been coated with an epoxy-based product, you know how smooth and professional the results can be. For the best outcome, opt for application by experienced professionals with plenty of practice handling garage floor coating installations. It’s extremely important to thoroughly prepare the concrete surface first in order to achieve a high level of quality; if this step is skipped or done improperly, the end result will be subpar, and problems such as delamination can arise. A professional application by a company that knows what it’s doing will result in a smooth, even coating that adheres well to the concrete underneath, and that has an even thickness throughout the entire floor area.

The technicians at Floor Coatings USA have ample experience with epoxy-style coatings, and our expertise makes a big difference in the quality of flooring achieved. We also know which specific coatings hold up to the rigors of a typical garage, and which ones don’t; our goal is to give you the professional finish you’re looking for, and the long-lasting results you expect.

It’s Attractive And Customizable

Epoxy floor coatings are available in a range of colors to give you the look you want. Many customers opt for a clear coating for a classic feel that goes with any colors or styles you may already have in your garage. Others choose specific hues, like vibrant red or sky blue, for a more customized look. Epoxy garage floor coatings can also simulate more expensive flooring materials, such as granite, for a luxurious effect.

A Coated Floor Is Easier To Clean

In addition to being durable, an epoxy-coated floor is easier to manage than bare concrete flooring. Cleaning it as easy as mopping your kitchen floors. Ask your garage floor coating installation experts about which products and techniques should (or should not) be used on your newly coated floor.

When You’re Ready To Transform Your Garage

Floor Coatings USA specializes in floor transformations to turn your ugly garage into the space of your dreams! We serve the greater Denver area, as well as communities throughout northern and central Colorado, beautifying garages everywhere through our outstanding garage floor coating services. When you’re ready to turn your garage into a great place to work or relax in, give us a call. We’re ready to serve you through our proprietary epoxy-style installations!